About Me

Hi, I’m Angelina Simms.

My interests have led me towards the path of advocacy work in technology that benefits those with disabilities, primarily within the areas of healthcare, education, and activities of daily living, especially when it comes to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices.

Technology helps increase independence for those with disabilities, their caregivers, service providers, and others in the community. There is a need to have secure systems in place for everyone as they go about their daily lives. More work needs to be done to promote cybersecurity awareness and advocate for those who rely on technology for healthcare and educational services.

As I continue with my studies, I am also developing my skills in public speaking so I can be of service for those I advocate for. One of my most exciting accomplishments to date as a speaker is winning second place in two speech contests as a member of my Toastmasters club.

Participating in Toastmasters provides opportunities to hone my leadership skills through projects and taking on roles in club meetings. An additional benefit that I am grateful for as a Toastmaster is increased brand visibility which allows me to accept invitations to speak at nonprofit organizations, appear on podcasts, and help guide others in igniting their creative spark as advocates for causes they care about.

My work as a servant-leader allows me to approach technology and cybersecurity with a perspective that places an importance on empowering others.